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Nordic Walking is a fitness trend originating in Finland and has become enormously popular in other parts of Europe as well since 2000. The huge boost in popularity is due not least of all to the positive results that come from Nordic Walking:
  • up to 46% more energy is burnt than during regular walking
  • total body workout involves 90% of all muscles
  • relieves muscle tension around the neck and shoulders
  • training of endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination
  • joint- and knee-gentle training
  • improved balance even on wet and slippery surfaces
  • possibility to exercise in the optimal pulse zone

For successful Nordic Walking, it is essential not only to learn the proper technique (i.e., in a Nordic Walking course sponsored by one's health fund), but likewise to have the right equipment. We carry Nordic Walking poles of brand manufacturers Exel and Swix, One Way, Fizan, and LEKI. Being one of the first suppliers, Exel offers Nordic Walking poles made of specially wound carbon/fiberglass that stand out for their remarkable stability, light weight, and elasticity. A higher carbon content in the glass fiber/carbon blend results in better shock absorption and therefore greater comfort. The manufacturer Swix also makes high quality carbon/fiberglass poles. Swix uses a strap system, which originates from cross-country skiing. A great tradition in producing ski poles presents the German company LEKI. LEKI smartly uses this experiences in producing high-quality fixed length poles made of carbon and telescopic poles made of aluminium. Being a young brande, the Finnish manufacturer One Way has been established more and more, which produces very light carbon/glass fiber poles.

Which pole is right one for me?
A good rule of thumb for pole length is to multiply one's height x 0.66. To ensure that you get the right pole (as pole lengths are available in 5cm increments), it is better to round down rather than up.

For trained instructors, Fitshop offers special promotions. Please get more information on 00800 20 20 2772 for your offer of an instructor's first equipment.

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