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Balance Boards - for a good body sensation

Balance boards and balance pads make fun and provide several positive training effects. Sense of balance and body sensation can be improved - balance boards are also ideal fitness equipment for increasing motor skills, fitness, and strength.

What is the effect of balance training?

Several small balance movements demand the core muscles, which are often neglected throughout the daily life - that's the secret of coordination training. In combination with the whole body, the core muscles provide a more efficient course of motion and a long lasting body stability. Balance boards and balance pads are used for daily life, fitness as well as rehabilitation and prevention.

We support your balance training with the following training equipment

Balance boards have a stable tread, which is mounted on an attachment. The user stands on the tread and can exercise its coordination by balancing on the tread of the balance board.

Balance pads are made of a soft material and represent an unstable surface. As the balance pad gives way to a load, the body takes over the balancing and thus trains balance and coordination. Therefore, those training devices are also used for functional training.

Air Pads or seat cushions are filled with air inside and are also flexible. In contrast to balance boards and balance pads, air pads are generally used as seat cushion - the abdominal and back muscles are activated while sitting.

Strong trunk muscles result in an improved posture and back pains can be avoided.

In our range, you find several versions of balance boards, balance pads, and further products of coordination training. Among others, you find products of notable manufacturers like Taurus, Togu, Airex, and Kettler.
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