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Bars - the basis of strength training with weights

There are a lot of good reasons for strength training with weights. Free weight training - at home or at gym - is versatile and effective. Train almost all important muscle groups with bars and weight plates. For bench press, you train the chest muscles, with curls the biceps. Strengthen your leg muscles with squats (using a bar).

In order to buy the bar, which is ideal for your training target, we present you the most important differences.

Bars: a little buy guide

The most important differences for bars are: length, shape, diameter of the part taking weight plates/of hole, grip width/inner dimensions of the barbell bar, width of part taking weight plates, grip diameter of bar. The weight of the bar can also play role for buying.

Criteria for buying a bar

  • Length: dumbbell or barbell?
  • Shape: straight, SZ or curl bar or a special triceps trainer?
  • Hole: weight plates with hole of 30 mm or 50 mm?
  • Grip width: determines, how wide you can grasp the bar. According to narrow or wide grip, different muscles are trained. Furthermore, you can check using those values, whether the bar fits to your weight rack.
  • Width of part taking weight plates: How many weight plates can be put on the bar?
  • Grip diameter: The grip diameter is between 28 and 31 mm. The more professional you exercise with the barbell, the more decisive is this factor.
  • Loadability: You decide how much additional weight you can put on the bar.

What else do you need for weight training:

The most important accessory for bars are weight plates. Mind that weight plates have the correct hole. There are many different weight stands for barbell or dumbbell training, which make the training more comfortable and safer. We recommend a squat rack for doing squats with a barbell bar: it distinctively increases the safety. A weight bench is also required for many weight exercises. Then you have your own gym at home. Moreover, there are special grips to increase the grip diameter for exercising more effectively the forearms.

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